Living Wall Art Frames - Set of 3, Large, Medium, Small


Ecobubbles Air Plant Frames display plants as living art. They look amazing and are always a talking point. "How do these plants live without any soil?" So easy to look after and no mess or messy spills so perfect for the work area.

Can be hung on the wall as wall art or placed on a table or desk. Great for home or work.

Air plants will grow happily in their frames, flowering and producing pups while on display. 
Large      30(H) x 30(W) x 10(D)cm with Air Plant, (selected for frame)
Medium  25(H) x 25(W) x 10(D)cm with Air Plants, (selected for frame)
Small      20(H) x 20(W) x 10(D)cm with Air Plant, (selected for frame)

Comes with wall attachments, Spray Bottle and plant care instructions, (Air Plants are so easy to care for, Air, Water, Light)

Please remember that Air Plants are unique living plants that may vary slightly from the pictures on this website. We carefully select healthy plants and package them with care so that they arrive safely.