Making a Terrarium with coloured sand September 29 2015

This is a delightful blog from our friends at Creative Sand. They sell coloured sands for children's crafts. They have recently begun selling Ecobubble Terrariums, here is a little customers opening her first Terrarium Kit:



"This was our first time putting one together and my daughter was so excited to make one for her room. The pack had a bag of bright orange coloured sand, an animal, a glass terrarium and an air plant. The air plant does take lots of nutrition out of the air, however it also needs a little mist

spray every 3 weeks or so. This fun activity doesn't just teach kids hand-eye coordination, but also responsibility of looking after their own live plant. the fun, but then finding a nice place for it in her room and deciding on the plan for looking after it was another exciting part.Putting one together was half of the fun, but deciding where to put it in her room and on the plan of looking after it was another exciting part! "